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And now here’s Spins & Big Daddy singing Lowell George's "Willin'."

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Check out the hilarious Sudsy (as B52 Fred Schneider) take on the Stones "Happy" with Spins on guitar.

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tunes logoWEDNESDAY ~ Champps in KOP from 6 PM to 8:30.


My daughter Ava is running a Quizzo nite every every Monday at 7:30pm at ROCCO'S in Wilmington!   And now at CHICKIE & PETE'S in Drexel Hill every Tuesday at 7 PM! Plus every Wednesday night at 8PM at PJ WHELIHANS in Haddonfield. Don't forget Thursday night at 7pm at CHICKIE & PETE'S in South Philly! That's a busy schedule!





You can take an inexpensive tour  of RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL that's well worth it.

Check out MASH ARMY & NAVY on 8th Ave between 45 & 46th streets.  A blast from the past!

Folks are always asking me about piano bars in Manhattan.  There's two I would recommend and they couldn't be any bit different.  DON'T TELL MAMA is on 46th St between 8 & 9th Avenues.  It's a comfortable narrow long bar where you either sit at thee bar or at a table.  They have a singing piano player and every fourth song or so a member of the bar or serving staff will get up and sing a three song set.  And sometimes a member of the audience will get up at the mic and sing.  It's a really fun joint, but completely different from MARIE'S CRISIS CAFE which is at 59 Grove St in the Village.  (Make sure you have the address handy before you get in the cab.)  MARIE'S is a tiny hole in the wall basement club where there is a piano player but no professional singer.  YOU are the singer.  It's insane.  People (like my nutty wife) go there TO sing.  There's no microphone and literally 150 people or so will be singing at the top of their lungs to some Broadway tune  Which, by the way, IS ALL Marie's does.  They don't mix in pop tunes like MAMA does.  The two couldn't be any different from each other and any more fun if a piano bar is your bag.

A HOTEL TO STAY AT?   We always use some hotel site and often stay at one of these two hotels which I would both recommend.  THE BELVEDERE on West 48th St is clean with a nice lobby and it's very convenient to Broadway and many clubs and bars.  THE WARWICK is pricier, but still affordable when you go through Expedia.  It's at 54th & 6th and many famous folks (like the Beatles and Liz Taylor have stayed there.

IT'S ONLY A PLAY is hilarious with an amazing cast.

As obvious as this sounds, you can spend a couple hours exploring Central Park and never get bored.

Lincoln Center has a free SINATRA exhibit running till September 4th which has some pretty neat artifacts from his Hoboken days.

LEXINGTON CANDY SHOP on Lexington between 82 & 83rd St. has been opened since 1925 and is a don't miss trip.

THE METROPOLITAN ROOM on 22nd St is a very cool, classic NY cabaret room where we have seen many cool acts at a very affordable price.


OMG, I have seen so many concerts.  Here's what I'm doing.  I go through my IPod in iPod alphabetical order.  When I see a recording artist that I've seen live, I will post that artist.  Remember, this is just the nomination process.  If you see "****" in front of the concert, then that is one I am nominating.  When I can,  I will post the year and venue that I saw that show.  But don't write me and say "BDG, the Knuckleheads NEVER played the Spectrum" or anything like that because I'll admit my memory isn't always sharp..  There will be artists that I have seen in concert MANY times, but if they are getting nominated, I will pick just ONE show.  Here's what we have so far...
If anyone has a ticket stub to any of the concerts that have been listed so far, scan them and email them to me, and I'll post them...


Bijou Cafe... May 7th, 1981... With the awesome Kim Wilson on vocals and Jimmie Vaughn (Stevie Ray's bro) on guitar.  Fantastic night.


Irvine Auditorium... January '72... With Lindisfarne who I was a huge fan of as I was of Fairport at that time.  Magical night


VFMF... 1988... Always a huge fan.  Had a tight band and did not go through the motions.


2009? Dennis Flyer Theatre... Lead singer and principal songwriter for the Hall of Fame band, the Rascals.  I opened up for him and he was in terrific voice and really funny offstage.  


Taj Mahal... May 19th, 2006... She was part of a VH1 show that Elvis Costello had put together with Fiona and Billie Joe Armstrong.  She did "Shabby doll" with Elvis's band backing her, amongst other tunes.  Cool night.


The Grange, Mullica Hill NJ... 2003... A bunch of local friends of Ava put together a band and they needed someone to put up the hall rental fee, which I did.  Because of that I went to the show to make sure the hall wasn't get ripped apart and I had a terrific time.  I love high school kids who put bands together.  One of them, Wayne Wildrick, is today a member of MAN OVERBOARD and they are on their way to great things.  By the way, the Grange has been around since 1874.


Spectrum... April 30th, 1972... With Mountain and Spirit.  This was right before Buckingham & Nicks joined the band and it was the only time I ever saw Mac.  They were with Bob Welsh of "Hypnotized" fame and weren't all that well received.  I went for the other acts anyway, although at one point I was a Mac fan when Peter Green was in the band earlier in their career.


Spectrum... Sept. 26th  '74? A yodeling hard rocking' Dutch band with a flute player.  And somehow they had an FM hit.  With Joe Cocker and Little Feat.  What a night.


Spectrum... October 19th, 1974... With Black Oak Arkansas (who for some reason I saw three times)  I was a huge Savoy Brown fan, hence I was a nut for Foghat.


Spectrum... Feb. 21st, 2008... What a great fun live band.  Love them!  Sat with half a dozen Flyers (not that we knew each other) in awesome seats courtesy of my man Ray of Novacare.


World Cafe Live, Penn Campus... 2010? Terrific band who that night were performing the Beatles "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver" in its entirety as well as some of their excellent original stuff. Fun night.


VFMF... 1988? I opened up for them years later at the KeswIck, but that night Levi Stubbs was sick and didn't perform. The night at VFMF he was there though, and in excellent voice.


Resorts... May 23, 1980... I saw the Greatest Pop Singer Who Ever Lived 20 times.  I could pick his show at VFMF.  Or the last time I saw him at the Sands in 1994.  (I had skipped some previous shows because he had been awful, but that night he KILLED IT)  Seeing him at Carnegie Hall was a thrill.  But the first time I saw him was so special.  I was hooked for life and look for the entire amazing story to be published in the May issue of South Jersey Magazine.


Sands AC... February 15th 1991... Hate to say it, but he was awful. 




Here's my latest article from South Jersey Magazine...


Bear with me as you read this column.  I’m not used to writing anything this heavy, but the tragic murders that occurred in Paris really hit home.  I’ve been making my living as a standup comic for thirty-five years.  Add in that I’ve been doing four hours of talk radio a day at 94WIP for almost 20 years and that’s a ton of jokes and satirical comments.

What is it about religion that riles people up so?  My live standup show virtually makes no religious comments at all anymore and either do I on the air. 
However, that wasn’t always the case.  In fact, I wonder if I would still have a vibrant career today if it wasn’t for one song that put me on the map over 30 years ago.

I was performing at the Comedy Factory Outlet in downtown Philly.  I had a piano player back then (Andy Trackman from South Jersey) and I used to perform a song that my brother and I wrote called “Nuns.”

“Where do they come from?  Where do they go?
What are their real names?   I bet you don’t know.
They’ve been around for millions of years
They were the one thing that dinosaurs feared.
NUNS!  Stronger than you and me
NUNS!  Looking for someone to beat
I hope it’s not you, I hope it’s not me

There was a lot more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it.  The song was inspired by my Catholic grade school upbringing and the years of beatings I took at the hands of the Sisters.  As funny as the audiences found the song, there was also a ring of painful truth to it that connected with a metro area that’s so Catholic.

John DeBella of WMMR’s Morning Zoo hosted shows at the Outlet on Friday night and he loved the song and the reaction it got from the crowd and said to me, “you record that and I’ll play it.”

Well, I did record it.  And he did play it.  Day after day for months.   It became a local hit.  I put it out on a vinyl 45 (if anyone remembers them).  It eventually landed on an album and sold 19,000 copies.  You can still buy it today on CD.    Then Clark DeLeon, writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer, did a major piece on the song and all hell broke loose.  A picture ran with the article of a nun threatening me with a yardstick.  (It was my Mother, by the way)

DeLeon got enough angry letters about it that a few weeks later he wrote a follow up on the original story discussing the reaction.  Then all the area talk shows started calling me to appear.  I had never been a guest on a talk show before.  AM Philly, a TV show on Channel 6, had me on with a nun.  I was young and just starting out and I just rolled with it.

Dr Donn The weird thing is that “Nuns” was about as controversial as I was ever going to get.  Oh, I have jokes with some edge to it today, but nothing any writer or talk show host will build an article or show segment around.  I’m not Bill Maher.  (And I like Bill Maher)  All I did with “Nuns” was “write what you know” which is the oldest trick in the book.

 There’s no doubt it was “Nuns” that kick started it all for me.  Yeah, it’s a funny song.  I’m proud of it.  I think it was well recorded for someone who had never produced a record before.  However, it was the uproar that it caused amongst some religious types who did not see the humor in the song at all that actually made my comedic bones.

But at no one point did anyone shoot at me with an assault rifle.  No one attacked me as I left a nightclub and walked down some lonely street by myself at 2AM.  What in blazes has happened?

Some people are just so easily offended these days.  I know that makes me sound like some old fogie, but how many times have you heard someone say that “All In The Family” would never make it to the air today?  So it’s just not my opinion. 

I never understand why anyone wants to label themselves as “Democrats”: or “Republicans.”  I have different opinions on all matters.  Some listeners may label one of my viewpoints as “liberal” or “conservative,” but I don’t.  My opinions are just that.  My opinion.  I am white.  I am half Irish and half Lithuanian.  Every now and then I make some stupid, grandiose statement on the air regarding some hot topic and after I make it, I remind my listeners that the comment doesn’t represent the viewpoint of all half-Irish, half Lithuanian people.  Where would I get off thinking I have that kind of authority?  To speak in behalf of anybody?  It’s infuriating when I hear people do that.  Who appointed them?

Look, I have very close friends, including my daughter, who go to church or Temple every week.  I myself do not, but if they get some sort of peace and comfort out of it, great.  We certainly need more calm and gentle people in this world.

However, sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if there was no organized religion at all.  I’m no numbers cruncher, but I have certainly have heard historians much smarter than me state that organized religion is responsible for more deaths on this planet than anything else.

I wonder if these same friends of mine, who I respect, would get the same solace if they just quietly prayed in their homes.  I certainly pray.  I’m all for prayer.

I’m just sick of turning on the news and seeing innocent people slaughtered in the name of religion.  It’s depressing enough that some crackhead may break into your car or mug you, but I at least sort of get that.  It’s about money.  It certainly doesn’t make it right.  But someone killing someone because of their religious beliefs?  Or worse yet, killing someone because you don’t like their religious beliefs?   It’s getting where I don’t wanna turn on the news at all.

All this anger also rears it’s ugly head in smaller and more personal ways.  On the air I make comments about the news of the day.  It’s mostly sports,  but when news the likes of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson breaks, the conversation crosses over into life issues.  When I say something that someone takes offense to, I get bombarded with mean tweets and emails and Facebook comments.  They don’t bother me.  I actually enjoy them and often I learn that I was wrong in what I said and that eventually makes me a better person, right? 

But if I make any comment on religion at all, even if it’s a 100% positive one, someone always twists it and somehow gets offended.   Then it gets really weird.  They won’t just write me.  They’ll call the station and get my bosses name and write them also.  How is that “religious?”  The end result?  I never mention religion at all on stage or on the air anymore.  I just don’t need the hassle. 

surfboardBut think about that for a moment.  If that’s how I thought back in the beginning of my career, I never would have wrote “Nuns” at all.  And people to this day still come up to me and smile recollecting that song.  And what’s wrong with that?

Even worse, however, is killing someone because they were attempting to make someone laugh, which basically is what Charlie Hebdo was doing.  I grew up on Mad Magazine.  I wrote a tribute in this very magazine to the awesome Joan Rivers when she died and she skewered everything that breathed and we certainly adored her, didn’t we.?  Geez, Louise, what is going on? 

Look.  I’m just a big doofus in a bowling shirt.   I’m not speaking for anyone but myself, but relax!  Joe Conklin and Josh Innes, at the station that I myself work at, constantly rip me by doing impressions of me and I’m friends with both of these dudes.  I get it.  All they’re trying to do is make you laugh.

 I myself am not an insult comic, but I certainly laugh at Don Rickles, The Onion, Howard Stern, Lisa Lamponelli,  to name just a few who work in that vein.  I also love Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regan who do not.  Vive la diff’erence.

People have the right to make fun of your weight, your race, your sexual preference, your favorite team, and yes, even your religion.  You have the right to not like it.  You have the right to speak out on your behalf.  But, duh, you do not have the right to kill someone over it.  I’m just a regular Joe Schmo.  I’m don’t have the answer to anything.  So whenever I don’t know how to end a thought, I invariably turn to something my Mother would say to me. And in this case?  It’s  “take a chill pill.”

Thanks, Mom.


Here's my latest article from South Jersey Magazine...

One Of Our Own!

carmen_gerald_2015I’ve known Sicklerville native Gerald Webb for over twenty years.  I first met him when he was the DJ at the long gone Shark Club in Vineland.  I had just finished a comedy show there and there was a really cool song now rocking the room.  I was not familiar with the cut.  So, as I often do, I wandered over to the booth and asked the DJ what the song was.  Thus started a two-decade friendship that is still going strong today. (The song was “Loser” by Beck by the way)

So imagine the thrill I got when two decades later I turned on the movie “On Angel’s Wings” on my tube and Gerald’s name was the fourth actor listed in the opening credits! And it wasn’t like he was in a flick with a bunch of unknowns.  Robin Givens headed up a pretty decent well-known cast.  Not only was Gerald terrific as “Pastor Johnson,” it was his most screen time to date and he scores Ms. Givens at the end of the movie!  (I realize that’s two exclamation points in one paragraph, but sue me.)

I can imagine what you’re thinking.  South Jersey has delivered us Bruce Willis and Ali Lauter.  They’re big time stars.  Why should I get all excited over an actor that I have never heard of just because he’s from South Jersey?  Because his story is so cool and I guarantee many of you reading this would love to be in his shows after your hear it.

Gerald was born in raised in Sicklerville, a product of Winslow Township #3 Elementary and Paul VI and Edgewood the 6th (now Edgewood Winslow High).  He ran track and played on the basketball teams, but when his mMother, ‘Mommy’” Webb, and his Dad, Bill, bought him a reel to reel with a tinny microphone, Gerald found his true calling.  “I just loved talking in that mic and recording stuff.  Pretending I was a DJ or delivering the news.  I had read a book about Walter Cronkite and loved Alex Trebek,  and in my gut I knew that whatever I was going to do with my life it was going to be with a microphone.“

After buying his first record at the Berlin Farmer’s Market (where else?), Gerald’s life forever changed.  That record was “The Breaks“ by Kurtis Blow.  Rap and Hip-Hop were exploding and Gerald not only was the kid with the music taste that was always a step ahead, the beat also led to him becoming a break dancer.  “It attracted attention and it was a ticket to hanging with the cool people” laughs Gerald.

College “wasn’t challenging enough” and he drops out.  He works as a movie usher at the Atco Multiplex till he saves up enough money to get the proper equipment to turn his true passion into a business., “Partytime,” a company that supplies DJ’s for weddings, parties of all sorts, and nightclubs.  “It wasn’t really supposed to be a company.  I was just looking for work for myself (his first DJ job was at a club called Shannons the Stern Light Inn in Atco), but I got an account with Shannon’s Catering, a multi-room catering hall in Atcolub  that turned into a chain, and when they asked me if I could supply DJ’s for the other locations, I lied and said “sure.”

wd40This proved to be so successful that “Partytime” needed an office and that’s where one of his Dad’s old TV repair shops came in handy.  Gerald picked up on his Dad’s electronic tinkering and invented a method where one could “scratch” a compact disc which was not being done at the time.  When he entered  a DJ competition in Atlantic City this new method of “scratching” so impressed one of the judges that it led to a five year deal with Pioneer.  (Though, ironically, he lost the contest)  This deal with Pioneer leads to Gerald touring the country representing the electronic giant at trade shows.  All this and he’s only 24.

On one of these road shows, Adam Gerald meets Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC fame.  Jaym takes a liking to Gerald and his talents and takes him under his wing.  We’re talking about a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here.  They get so tight that when Jaym  gets involved in a TV pilot he brings Gerald on to the set.  One thing leads to another and Gerald ends up with a sizable part in the pilot even though he has never acted before.  The show never airs, but the seed of the acting bug takes hold.  Tragically, Jam Master Jay is murdered in the autumn of 2002.  “A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think about him” mourns Gerald.

 Gerald lands a gig spinning at the Susquehanna Center (or whatever it was called then) in Camden  providing the music for the pre-concert and after party for Sammy Hagar.  Here we go again as Hagar so takes such a liking to Gerald’s talents he takes him on tour with him.  You gotta love this story!

A yearThree months later the tour comes to a close and dumps Gerald in Los Angeles.  “I felt like I had taken the whole DJ thing as far as I wanted to take it.  I had won thea North American DJ Association Night Club DJ of the Year award and, Seriously, I had just gone on a world tour with a rock star.  Seriously, hHow much better was it going to get?  I remembered how much fun I had acting and I figured, what the heck I’m already out here.”
As with everything else he has done, he goes into it full-tilt studying with the absolute best and soon he’s landing small parts in a lot of B Horror films and police TV shows.  “I was often the second cop who showed up at the door standing behind the other cop asking the questions.”

But the parts kept getting bigger and slowly but surely he started getting more lines in more well-known TV shows.  How well known?  How about “True Blood” “Law and Order” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to name a few.

He’s appeared on the big and small screens with Burt ReynoldsMalcolm McDowell, Danny DeVito, Anna Paquin, Ving Rhames, Shannon Elizabeth, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, Jamie KennedySean Astin, Tara Reid, Dennis Haysbert, among many others.  Now while no one would confuse Carmen Electra with a great thespian, you wouldn’t mind working with her, would you guys?

Gerald is a regular caller into my 94WIP radio show.  He misses Philly and bleeds Eagle green.  He was a Sixer season ticket holder during the Allen Iverson years.  In fact, his seats were directly behind A.I’s Mom, Ann.  “Half the time I couldn’t see the game because she wouldn’t sit down and was always waving some giant sign.  I actually had to ask the Sixers to move my seats” laughs Gerald.

I always ask Gerald on the air to tell us what show he’s appearing in next and I DVR the show when I get home.  When “On Angels Wings” aired and saw how terrific of an actor he had become I could have just bust I was so proud.  I love when one of our own is on display.  (Follow him on Twitter @Geraldwebb and you will always know what show he’s going to be in next)

Now Gerald is branching out.  He’s the executive responsible for casting  the Syfy network’s phenom helped cast the cable phenomena  “Sharknado” franchise and produced and starred in the horror film “A House Is Not A Home.” Which has won a bunch of film festival and indie awards.    He has formed his own production company, Deinstitutionalized Films, so who knows where he’s headed next? 

From Sicklerville to Hollywood, my man, and one of our very own, Gerald Webb!



kingston-wells-bb cover smHere are just a few of my holiday album covers on display.  I change them from time to time and by the way I am always looking for more.  That's Darlene Love's autograph to my wife on the cover of the Phil Spector Christmas record. (click on each photo for larger image)

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