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Sterling Limousine Click Here

It's Not Just A Hoagie... It's A PRIMO!  Click Here...You know that I love to eat hoagies, and let me tell you there are none better than Primo's. They are growing like wildfire and there's about 15 stores throughout the area of Philly and South Jersey. I always get Primo Hoagie Trays whenever I have a party, and the food and service are second to none. Tell my man Richie Primo that Big Daddy sent you.

  Computer & HDTV Repairs. Call 856.278.8811

If you love scrapple like I do, check out Blooming Glen Pork & Catering. Their scrapple is out of sight and so is their bacon and other pork products. Visit them on the web at www.bloomingglencatering.com.They do pig roasts too. Write Mark at puck1pa@verizon.net and again, drop my name!

Hey, if you need interior or exterior house painting, email my man Mike Bigwood by clicking here PAINTWORKSBYMIKE@AOL.COM. He does great work and he's very reasonable.

Click Here For RC'sYeah, it's true. I got a tattoo. And you know  what? It wasn't painful at all. I was a big wuss all these years. I asked Sean  from the Dirty Thirty where he got his tattoo's and he told me RC's. Well, RC is  one funny cat who's a real pro. (Great taste in music too) I can't recommend  RC's higher. Call them at 610-534-1639 or check out their web site at www.tattoosbyrc.com.

Armen Ccadillac Hhummer

libertybellbank-logoHey! If you need any mortgage work done whatsoever get hold of my main man Ken Miller at
856-830-1131 or 609-238-3293 kmiller@libertybellbank.com
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